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About James

 James has been creating content for over a decade. It started off as a personal adventure which slowly grew into a passion that could be pursued as a career. Once that decision was made it was very clear where James was going to try & take this business & is continuing to do so to this day. 

 Due to creating content for such a long time, James naturally has an eye for gorgeous shot composition & storytelling throughout his videos & films. When you're looking to create engaging content that's going to capture the viewers attention & keep them there through a well told story video, James is your go to film maker. 

 While creating content originally as a hobby, James worked various jobs including a barista in a coffee shop & PRing for a nightclub in Belfast. It's through these jobs he's been able to keep his extroverted personality in tune which he brings to every shoot. Your shoot/film should be enjoyable and not feel awkward or uncomfortable! That's the exact atmosphere James brings with him. His clients & couples reiterate this on the day & through reviews which pushes James to keep creating the best work he can.

 So, if you're looking to create some engaging content and want to discuss it further. Let's do it! It's time to get your content idea out of that head & into the digital world for everyone to admire!

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